VU Amsterdam

  • Client:
    VU Amsterdam | Scherper Stellen
  • Project URL:
  • Designer:
    Barbara Vos

Artist Impression of a wall with interactive tiles placed into staircases, located at VU Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit). The goal here is to invite more people to take the stairs instead of using the elevator. Dhr. Erik Scherder, involved in this project and professor neuropsychology at the VU Amsterdam, says walking is good for the brain. Dhr. Erik Scherder is also known from interesting college shows given at the ‘Wereld Draait Door’ by Matthijs van Nieuwkerk.

Something is happening on the staircases, it’s not a boring walk. On this wall the tiles can be touched, the LED lights behind will respond by blinking, fading, or will disappear when leaving the space. A pattern of traditional tiles can be translated into a LED light based pattern. Led lights are mounted behind the tiles and respond to warmth or sound with sensors.  The tiles used are named tex-tiles, designed and made by Studio Barbara Vos. Tex-tiles are translucent porcelain tiles with a textile relief pressed in it. More information about the tiles can be found at A video with an Artist Impression can be seen here:

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