Cromvlietpark The Hague – De Baanbreker

  • Client:
    Gemeente Den Haag
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  • Designer:
    Studio Barbara Vos

Studio Barbara Vos participated in the making of the designs of this new ‘Cromvlietpark’. For one of the subprojects we made a design for a playground next to a school called The Baanbreker. The new playground contains strong greenery which can stand running and jumping kids, enough place for the parents to sit and look over their children, elements to play with, rubberfloors to fall on, all in a matching color scheme of yellow, green and blue.  ‘Donkergroen’ is the gardening company who realised this part of the parc. 

Sant en Co
The Cromvlietplein in the Molenwijk located in The Hague is due for renewal. At first glance it is a great place in the neighborhood, with cows, allotments and playgrounds, which is used intensively. At the same time, the area looks gray, with many fences and wide stony sidewalks. Above all, the square is fully programmed to the brim and therefore inaccessible. The question that we have asked the people is: “where is the park?”. The purpose of constructing the Wijkpark Cromvlietplein is that it will work as a flywheel for the whole of Molenwijk. The renewal will create a stage for the neighborhood. Here activities and events can take place to strengthen social cohesion, ownership and employment (synergy). A neighborhood park conceived and built by and for residents and entrepreneurs from Laak. Participation is indispensable for this project.

Power of the park
We strengthen the power of the park by finding a new balance between multifunctional use of the park and delimited monofunctional greenery. The park is being transformed into a more scenic park. This is caused by a slightly accentuated landscape and a rich and varied planting, which increases biodiversity. The design of the park stimulates movement, activities and events that increase the social cohesion, the sense of we. The paths come together in the park heart; a space for meeting with room for holding a small event. The result is a multifunctional neighborhood park with a rural allure that works as a flywheel for further improving the neighborhood.

Source: Sant en Co.

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